For a select few, art and rock 'n roll performance is an obsession. Minneapolis' Hastings 3000 is a conceptual solo project that is entrenched in visual and sound.  

Hastings 3000 is a one person conceptual rock show with a gas mask, guitar, and a smoke machine. Coupled with pounding tribal beats, lasers, 60's sci-fi samples, and socially conscious lyrics. While deconstructing the traditional rock n' roll band, Hastings 3000 plays a stripped down partially homemade drum kit that he plays using both of his feet, hands, and voice through a distorted echo-plex with energetic stylings of 70's punk to 80's electro.

A recurring theme is the gas mask, which hints at humankind's loss of respect for air, food, water, fire, and earth. Along with donning elaborate costumes, such as ironic extreme capitalistic businessman suits, often referencing the hypocritical aspect of excess, human consumption, and extreme capitalism.

Live performances include deconstructing the "traditional" rock band, as Hastings 3000 often plays a stripped down, partially homemade drum kit, an electric guitar with a pencil, and vocalizing socially and politically conscious lyrics.

Other live performances may have twenty or more military uniformed people onstage doing choreographed movements set to experimental soundscapes with projected images.  Stylistically, Hastings 3000 pushes for a balance of originality, and the irreverent stylings of 70's punk, 80's pop, and modern electronic.   

Hastings 3000 was a founding member of the garage/punk band Fuck Knights (Munster Records-Spain, Crustacean Records-WI, USA, Big Action Records-MN, USA Ionik Records-NYC, USA). In 2010, while still in Fuck Knights, Hastings 3000 formed moving towards a broader spectrum of conceptual, visual, and audio live performance experience.

In 2011, Hastings 3000 used Skype to perform a cross-continental live performance from The Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, Hawaii to the legendary main room at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, USA. The show was a live performance utilizing a hologram projection onto billowing clouds of smoke. 

Hastings 3000 plays approximately fifty instruments live and in the studio. The debut album entitled, "A New Monster" was written, performed, produced, and recorded by Hastings 3000 and was released on Bare Ass Records (Kailua, HI) and distributed in Japan by Chicken Katsu Records (Okinawa, Japan) in 2010. The forthcoming album entitled, "Invasive Species", also is written, performed, produced, and recorded by Hastings 3000 and slated to be released in the U.S.A. on October 31st, 2017 by Evolute United Productions/BareAss Records (owned and operated by Hastings 3000).

Hastings 3000 has written, recorded and produced over 30 albums (under many different monikers) in addition to over 500 songs. During the recording of "Invasive Species", Hastings 3000 was also recording and producing with Marcus Kar a project called,"Culture Vol.1". The session tracks were recorded in the winter of 2016, and a song entitled, "The Duke" available here, is featured on the HBO TV Series, "House of Cards". On these sessions, Hastings 3000 produced, wrote, and recorded with such artists as Grammy award winning Syience, Guante, Greg Grease, Chance York, Marcus Kar, Maria Isa and Crescent Moon.  Hastings 3000 has also had many songs in TV shows such as Pawn Stars, on the Food Network, World Surf League, and Street or Vert Skateboard Vids.

Hastings 3000 has performed, or recorded with and/or tour supported:  

R.L. Burnside (Fat Possum), Gene Ween and Dave Dreiwitz (Ween), Produced and recorded with Gary Burger of The Monks, C. J. Ramone (The Ramones) and Gary Weiss (Link Wray), Murder Junkees (G.G. Allin). Interviewed with Chuck Berry, Hubert Sumlin (Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters), Robert Gordon band featuring Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Chris Spedding (Roxy Music), Pinetop Perkins, Odd Jobs who toured in support with DJ Shadow (Caroline), Grant Hart (Hüsker Dü, Nova Mob ), Slim Dunlap (The Replacements), Levon Helm (The Band), James Cotton, Jonny Lang, Chris Valdala (Chuck Mangione) and Mike Vax (Tower of Power).  

A founding member of many Rock, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Roma, Surf, Rock-a-billy, Country, Swing, Ambient, Garage, bands including Fuck Knights (Munster Records (Spain), Crustacean Records, Big Action), The Sex Rays (Pinata Records, Big Action Records), Trim Reaper, Guitarzan Vs. Bazzilla featuring Drumasaurus Rex (Chicken Katsu Records - Japan, Bare Ass Records), Liquid, Schwa, Streets of Acid, Lajamanu, Sasparilla, The Fires of 1918: Fantome Rosu Duo, Bootstrap Family Band, some of which performed with Robert Belfour, Reverend John Wilkins, Black Diamond Heavies, Black Time, , Brimstone Howl, Crusaders of Love, Fleshtones, Greenhornes, Human Eye, The Hussy, Hypstrz, Jacuzzi Boys, King Khan & BBQ Show, Lover!, Monotonix, Peelander-Z, The Points, Juke Joint Duo (Lightin' Malcolm and Cedric Burnside).

Hastings 3000 has toured extensively throughout the United States, Polynesia, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Africa, United Kingdom, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, Puerto Rico, and Japan.  He has played festivals and venues such as:  Mt. Baker Blues Fest (Mt. Baker, WA), Stone Arch Festival (Minneapolis, MN), Experience Music Project (Seattle, WA), Festival for Project Earth, 10,000 Lakes Festival, South By Southwest Music Festival, (Austin, TX), Hoolie Fest, BBQ and Blues Festival, Deep Blues Festival (Mississippi,MS), Surly Festival, Schlitz Kickin' Festival, Memory Lanes Block Party, Art-A-Whirl Festival, Zombie Pub Crawl Festival, Sound Unseen Music and Film Festival, CMJ (New York City, New York).

Hastings 3000 has been featured and interviewed in documentaries (TPT/PBS), national and international newspapers, television shows (Nippon TV - Japan), cable broadcasts (CNN), and is now touring in support of the new album, "INVASIVE SPECIES".  

"Hastings 3000 is a riveting one-man band that’s like a vision of an apocalyptic future."   

"Hastings has the guitar chops to back up the gimmick, and it's allowed him to blossom into a serious—and seriously promising—showman."   
"A studied cool..."           Ben Sklar and Josh Verduzco, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Equally snide and socially aware, devolved and dynamic, Hastings' grease-stained garage rock is as singular as its namesake"  
          -Jason Bracelin, LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL 

Best Album of 2010, "A New Monster" and Best Song of 2010, "Modern Man" 

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